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ELIXIR Belgium×

  • Supporting the ‘Data Analysis and Data Stewardship’ pillar of the Helis Academy which strives to increase the industry-readiness of life scientists.
  • Co-organiser of the Innovation and SME Forum on Data Driven Innovation in the Agritech sector in March 2021 (event page).
  • The PLAZA platform is licensed to a number of companies and industry projects working on plant breeding, empowering the translational research performed in the agro-industry.

ELIXIR Finland×

  • CSC– IT Center for Science provides training and Learning Materials for Bioscientists in academia and industry.
  • Up to 20% of the EuroHPC LUMI supercomputer’s capacity has been reserved for companies.
  • A project with VEIL.AI on health data anonymization, synthetic data and pseudonymization service technology, as part of the ELIXIR Knowledge Exchange Scheme.
  • Partner of the Bigpicture IMI2 project providing data for building a central repository for digital pathology.

ELIXIR Greece×

  • "Managing and Analysing Life Sciences Data", the Biomedical Sciences Research Center "Alexander Fleming" teamed up with the JADBio company to massively analyse omics data spanning 31 diseases, achieving a high level of predictive performance with just a few biomarkers (the results are publicly available for querying and downloading).


  • ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Data management in the life sciences - a driver for innovation in November 2019
  • Participation in the Staff Exchange Scheme “Empowering ELIXIR Nodes to measure and communicate their performance and impact”
  • Dedicated Training Offer. The Training Platform activated a collaboration with Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A., Parma, to carry out customized training activities on Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics and main applications
  • Software tools licence Agreement. The BioComputingUP lab of the University of Padova, member of the ELIXIR-IT Node, renewed its commercial licence agreement with the global biopharmaceutical company Sanofi, for a new version of the software package RING (Residue Interaction Network Generator) belonging to the Service List of ELIXIR-IT .
  • Establishment of Research Contracts signed with Italfarmaco SpA, Polismail srl, Fondazione Santa Lucia, Vetoquinol srl, Ulisse Biomed, for services provided by the omics platform.

ELIXIR Luxembourg×

ELIXIR Netherlands×

  • DTL hosts the Dutch node of ELIXIR, set up as a public-private network with over 30 academic and over 20 industry partners including SMEs. It is common practice that Industry is involved in the activities of DTL.
  • ELIXIR-NL will organise the ELIXIR SME Forum “AI in Health” in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in April 2023.
  • ELIXIR-NL has been instrumental in establishing an Industry engagement programme in Health-RI (health-RI is funded by the National Growth Fund and it has active collaboration with Industry Associations including HollandBio, Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen, Dutch AI Coalition).
  • ELIXIR-NL supports the ‘Data Analysis and Data Stewardship’ pillar of the Helis Academy which strives to increase the industry-readiness of life scientists.

ELIXIR Portugal×

ELIXIR Spain / Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute (INB)×

ELIXIR Sweden×

  • NBIS/ELIXIR-SE provides bioinformatics support and advanced training to both academia and private companies.
  • Started a collaboration with the BioInnovation Institute, funded by the ELIXIR Knowledge Exchange Scheme, centred on the node-developed service Metabolic Atlas and training.
  • In 2019, ELIXIR-SE organised an SME Forum in Stockholm.

ELIXIR Switzerland/SIB×


  • FAIRsharing works with the scientific publishing industry; two activities are ongoing:
    • Working in the COVID-19 Rapid Peer Review Initiative, which brings together major scholarly publishers and the Research on Research Institute, to improve the response of the scholarly communication to the pandemic (final report). FAIRsharing has contributed to strengthen data policies of the journals and publishers participating in the initiative, to make results of COVID-19 articles available for scrutiny and reproducibility.
    • Working under the RDA FAIRsharing WG with major scholarly publishers to define selection features for data repositories and foster data sharing (final report here)
    • Work in progress with the Pistoia Alliance to create a collection of FAIR profiles of pharmas’ use of standards and data resources.
  • Adopted by the IMI, the FAIR Cookbook is an online resource for the Life Sciences with recipes that help you to make and keep data FAIR; developed by a community of Life Science professionals, in the academia and the industry sectors, including members of the ELIXIR community and IMI FAIRplus project.

EMBL-EBI (European Molecular Biology Laboratory - European Bioinformatics Institute)

EMBL-EBI Industry Partnerships. Disseminating cutting-edge technologies to industry. EMBL-EBI stores, shares and analyses data produced by life scientists all over the world. Work with us to solve your data challenges.

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