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Life Science AAI log in
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A new way to log in

We have replaced the ELIXIR login by the new Life Science Login. You can log in as normal with the new "LS Login" button.

The first time you log in you will be asked to agree to the Life Science Login Acceptable Use Policy, and to review your consent to transfer your personal data to the services you used via the ELIXIR login. See the Information regarding Elixir AAI migration to LS AAI for more details and FAQs.

Registering will allow you to:

Contact us at support [at] if you have any problems registering or logging in.

By clicking on the Registration or Login button, you agree that your personal data will be processed and stored by PERUN (ELIXIR Czech Republic). Read the AAI Privacy Policy. The ELIXIR authentication system is provided by PERUN (ELIXIR Czech Republic) and ELIXIR Finland.