How we are funded

As a distributed infrastructure, ELIXIR has a mixed funding model with contributions coming from a number of mostly public sources:

  • Collectively, the ELIXIR Hub and Nodes compete for grant funding from the European Union, under Horizon 2020 and the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI);
  • The ELIXIR Hub is funded through membership fees paid by Member countries, and much of this funding is then transferred back to Nodes (e.g. via Commissioned Services) to collectively deliver ELIXIR’s five-year Scientific Programme;
  • ELIXIR Nodes are typically funded through national-level investments, supporting national coordination, and the development and operation of services;
  • ELIXIR Nodes also receive support from international funders, such as the US’ National Institute of Health (NIH);
  • Finally, some ELIXIR Nodes are able to access European Union Structural Funds, for instance to support national coordination and the purchasing of facilities.

Other sources of funding for Nodes include foundations (e.g. the Wellcome Trust and Wallenberg Foundation), and also the industry, though the latter is modest compared to the public funding received by Nodes. 

Diagram of how ELIXIR is funded

EU Projects

ELIXIR is active in several large European Union grants, which support the work of the Platforms and Communities. For further information, visit our EU Projects page.

Sustainability Plan

ELIXIR's Sustainability Plan gives an overview of how ELIXIR intends to support the sustainability of the bioinformatics resources across its Nodes.

Acknowledging ELIXIR funding

There is guidance on How to acknowledge ELIXIR funding and support.