Learning Paths Focus Group

Learning Paths (LPs) are pathways that guide learners through a set of learning courses or materials to be undertaken progressively to acquire the desired knowledge and skills on a subject of interest. 

The primary objective of this Focus Group is to foster the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences with the aim of identifying needs, devising solutions, and advocating the widespread adoption of learning paths across ELIXIR, its Nodes, Communities, and beyond. This effort will address the current lack of guidance in developing curricula or structured training programs, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the learning experience for end users.

Goals of the group

  • Enhancing educational strategies for the development of structured learning programmes.
  • Advocating and disseminating learning path guidelines to support their development in ELIXIR.

Learning Paths reference material 

Use-cases of Learning Paths 

How to get involved/contribute

  • Join the Focus Group monthly meeting - third Friday of each month 11:00-12:00 CET/CEST
  • Join the mailing list - full information via mailing list reminder will be sent including call details in advance of all calls.
  • Join the ELIXIR Slack channel #fg_learningpaths


Alexia Cordona
Alexia Cardona
Loredana Le Pera
Loredana Le Pera
(ELIXIR Italy)
Jessica Lindvall
Jessica Lindvall
(ELIXIR Sweden)

Mailing list

learning-paths [at] elixir-europe.org