How we work

How we work within ELIXIR

ELIXIR's work is guided by five-year Scientific Programmes. See the current Programme (2024-28).

At a national level

  • ELIXIR Nodes

    Each country that is a member of ELIXIR has a "Node". A Node is the collection of research institutes that work for ELIXIR in that country. The Node institutes run national services and support local users. The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is also a Node, but is an international organisation rather than a country.

At a cross-national level

  • Platforms

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    Platforms bring together experts from Nodes to develop ELIXIR’s technical vision and coordinate its technical activities.

  • Communities

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    Communities bring together experts to develop ELIXIR’s vision and coordinate its activities within a particular life science domain.

  • Focus Groups

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    Focus Groups are informal groups that look at topics of emerging interest for ELIXIR.

  • Internal projects

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    Internal projects fund the Platforms and Communities to develop resources, and encourage collaboration across the Nodes.

  • Coordinators

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    Technical and Training Coordinators provide advice and promote collaboration and the adoption of good practices.

In addition to the above, ELIXIR has its own internal Impact, Communications and Innovation and Industry groups (login required).

How we work with others

  • EU Projects

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    ELIXIR both collaborates in and coordinates EU projects.

  • Industry and innovation

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    ELIXIR organises events and projects that bring the private and public sectors together.

  • International engagement

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    ELIXIR collaborates extensively within and beyond Europe, and works with key research infrastructures.