How we work

This page covers the scientific operations of ELIXIR. These are guided by our five-year Scientific Programme. For the governance and legal model of ELIXIR, see About us.


ELIXIR Nodes are the scientific communities within each country in ELIXIR. They run national services and support local users.


The five Platforms coordinate the services across ELIXIR. They work across all scientific domains and all the Nodes.


Communities work in a particular life science domain and give feedback on the Platform services. They are formed from people across the Nodes.

Innovation and Industry

ELIXIR helps partners in the private sector find and use ELIXIR services, and collaborate with service providers.


ELIXIR collaborates extensively within and beyond Europe, and works with key research infrastructures.

Coordinator groups

The Technical and Training Coordinators give advice to the Platforms and promote collaboration between the Platforms and the Nodes.