Web portals

ELIXIR supports and contributes to websites that allow you to find the software, training, standards and other resources that you need.

Find the right databases, standards and policies

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    ELIXIR Deposition Databases are the databases that ELIXIR recommends for you to store your open life science data.
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    FAIRsharing.org allows you to search for databases and data policies by aspects such as domain, species and country.

Find the right software tools and workflows

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    bio.tools helps you find and select bionformatics software and connect it in workflows.
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    Search a repository of containerised software that you can build into workflows.
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    A registry for sharing and publishing scientific computational workflows.

Make your resources easier to find and share

Find training courses and materials

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    Search for training courses, webinars, training materials and workflows in TeSS, ELIXIR's training portal.