Cookies are small files that are placed in your browser by websites that you visit. They are widely used to do things like store preferences, track visitor activity, and enable log-in areas.

This site does not use tracking cookies. The cookies that may be set on your browser are described below:

Authentication cookies

When you log in to the intranet, cookies needs to be set so that the website server knows you are logged in. If the cookies were not set, you would find yourself logged out each time you went to a different page. These cookies are:

  • SimpleSAMLAuthToken
  • SimpleSAMLSessionID
  • SSESS + [long number]

The first two of these may persist after you have logged out. This is to make it quicker for you to log in next time, although they will expire after three weeks. These cookies are essential for the function of the intranet.

If you do not log in to the intranet, then these cookies will not be set.

YouTube and Twitter cookies

By default, an embedded YouTube video or Twitter timeline will set tracking cookies in your browser. We have turned this functionality off. The YouTube videos on this site, for example, are served from, rather than

Note that even in this "privacy-enhanced mode" YouTube may set cookies, but these are claimed to be essential for their service. See their Technology privacy guide. These cookies will only be set on pages containing a YouTube video.

More information

For more information about privacy and the ELIXIR website, see our privacy page.