Get involved

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  • Contact an ELIXIR group: see the Platforms, Communities and Focus Groups pages. The contact person for each group is at the bottom of each page.
  • Join an ELIXIR group: if you are part of the ELIXIR infrastructure or work with ELIXIR the you can register to join a group and its mailing list. If you are already registered you can go to the Join/leave groups page to manage your memberships.
  • Contact your local Node: the Nodes section contains links to the Node websites, which contain email addresses and forms you can use to contact that Node.
  • Discover how your country can become a member: if you are interested in joining ELIXIR as a member state see How countries join and establish a Node and contact Andrew Smith (andrew.smith [at]
  • Find out about international engagement: if you are from a country outside Europe and want to find more about ELIXIR please contact Corinne Martin (corinne.martin [at], and see our International Strategy.
  • Participate in industry events: contact Despoina Sousoni (despoina.sousoni [at], subscribe to our industry mailing list, or come and meet us at one our SME forum events. See also the Innovation and Industry page.
  • Follow us on Twitter:@ELIXIREurope