ELIXIR Communities are groups of experts across ELIXIR Nodes and externally that represent a scientific or technological theme, and drive the development of standards, services, and training in and across ELIXIR.

They provide an opportunity to be a part of a wide-reaching network, and also offer a mechanism for long-term collaboration with other ESFRIs and large-scale initiatives.

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Discover ELIXIR Communities

The ELIXIR Communities Handbook tells you what a Community is, who can join, what the benefits are, and how Communities are structured. It also contains links to key documents related to ELIXIR Communities, and explains the responsibilities and benefits of Community membership.

3D-BioInfo Community icon


Helps to understand the 3D structure of macromolecules like proteins and DNA.

Biodiversity Community icon


Aims to help us understand biodiversity, and how it responds to changing environmental pressures.

Human Data icon

Federated Human Data

Develops long-term strategies for managing and accessing sensitive human data.

Food and Nutrition icon

Food and Nutrition

Aims to help us understand the effect of food choices on human health.

Galaxy icon


Fosters a Galaxy community in Europe, together with Galaxy resources and training.

Human Copy Number Variation icon

Human Copy Number Variation

Aims to make it easier to detect, annotate and interpret human Copy Number Variations (hCNVs).

IDP icon

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Develops standards, tools and resources to help identify and characterise IDPs.

Metabolomics icon


Provides the resources, analysis tools and infrastructure to help metabolite identification.

Microbial Biotechnology icon

Microbial Biotechnology

Helps the development of tailor-made microbes and biological systems.

Microbiome icon


Promotes standards, training, and other resources for microbiome research across all biomes.

Plant Sciences icon

Plant Sciences

Develops an infrastructure to facilitate genotype-phenotype analysis for crop and tree species.

Proteomics icon


Develops and maintains sustainable proteomics tools and data resources.

Rare Diseases icon

Rare Diseases

Supports the development of new therapies for rare diseases.

Research Data Management icon

Research Data Management

Brings together RDM experts to coordinate and promote the use of RDM resources.

Single-Cell Omics icon

Single-Cell Omics

Identifies and addresses challenges in single-cell and spatial omics.

Systems Biology icon

Systems Biology

Aims to make systems biology modelling a central pillar of research in biology.

Toxicology icon


Supports the integration of standards, tools and resources to aid toxicology research projects.


The Hub Communities Team

Communities are supported by the ELIXIR Hub through the Programme Manager for Communities, and a Science/Technical Officer for Communities.

Katharina Heil
Katharina Heil
Programme Manager for Communities
katharina.heil [at]
Clare Garrard
Clare Garrard
Scientific Officer for Communities
clare.garrard [at]

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