Federated Human Data Community

Vision: Our vision for the ELIXIR Federated Human Data (FHD) Community is to create a federated ecosystem of interoperable services that enables population scale genomic and biomolecular data to be accessible across international borders, accelerating research, and improving the health of individuals resident across Europe. Together, the components of FHD provide a framework for the secure submission, archival, dissemination, and analysis of sensitive human data across Europe, and wider. 

Achieving this vision: FHD provides coordination across a number of EU, ELIXIR Node, and internationally funded projects that drive towards delivery of the shared vision. The overall objective is to provide a suite of interoperable services to deliver the vision, focussing on the interfaces that are required for the federated infrastructure rather than any single technology.

FHD model
Figure 1: The shared vision of the ELIXIR Federated Human Data Community is to operate a Europe-wide network of sensitive data archives that are able to function interoperably based on common interfaces rather than any single technological solution.


ELIXIR Node deployments across the FHD infrastructure

Many ELIXIR Nodes provide local, regional, and/or national infrastructure components to support the implementation of the shared vision for ELIXIR FHD. Below we provide links to these ELIXIR Node-specific FHD websites:

ELIXIR FHD regular activities

As the work towards achieving the vision of ELIXIR FHD is supported by many different funding streams the regular FHD meetings provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, and coordination across these, enabling the progress towards the vision to be tracked, documented, and discussed at regular intervals.

A FHD community meeting is held monthly and is open to ELIXIR members and ELIXIR FHD Community partners:

ELIXIR FHD Community call

First Tuesday of the month, 2pm CEST   

The standing agenda for this meeting consists of:

  • presentation(s) from the ELIXIR Nodes on progress towards the vision of FHD;
  • updates from FHD-related projects, such as the Federated EGA and European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI)  projects;
  • invited presentations from FHD-related projects delivering infrastructure components across the ELIXIR Nodes;
  • discussions of community topics of interest.

Mailing list: fhd [at] elixir-europe.org


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Giselle Kerry

Find out more

  • Contact Serena Scollen (serena.scollen [at] elixir-europe.org) to learn how you can get involved with ELIXIR's work with human data, and how this work can help you.