ELIXIR is a European life sciences infrastructure, bringing together scientists from 24 countries and over 250 research institutes.

We enable researchers to access and analyse life science data, to improve the value and impact of life science research on public health, the environment and the economy.

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What we offer

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    Guidelines and best practices to help you manage life science data, run training courses, develop software and more.

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    Web portals

    Find the right software, training courses, standards and more in our interlinked portals to life science resources.

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    All resources

    Find compute services, databases, and the full list of resources ELIXIR coordinates.

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    Partnerships with Industry and SMEs

    Join events and projects that bring the private and public sectors together.

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    Opportunities to work together

    Join a scientific group in ELIXIR or partner with us to apply for EC funding.

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    For ELIXIR members

    If you work at an institute that is part of ELIXIR, then remember to take advantage of the benefits ELIXIR offers.

How we work

We bring scientists together from 24 countries and 250 research institutes. Our goal is to make life science data easier to find, share, aggregate and analyse.

  • ELIXIR Nodes

    Each country that is a member of ELIXIR has a "Node". A Node is the collection of research institutes that work for ELIXIR in that country. The Node institutes run national services and support local users. The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is also a Node, but is an international organisation rather than a country.

  • Platforms

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    Platforms bring together experts from Nodes to develop ELIXIR’s technical vision and coordinate its technical activities.

  • Communities

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    Communities bring together experts to develop ELIXIR’s vision and coordinate its activities within a particular life science domain.

  • Focus Groups

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    Focus Groups are informal groups that look at topics of emerging interest for ELIXIR.