FAIR Training Focus Group

This Focus Group aims to implement FAIR principles in training (FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). The groups contains members from ELIXIR and from the international community.

Goals of the group

Goal 1: Train scientists on how to implement FAIR principles

The outcome of this effort is a catalog of courses, course materials, and curricula on the FAIR principles. This also connects to relevant efforts under CONVERGE, such as the Data Management and Data Stewardship curriculum development. An additional connection is also on the Terms4Skills initiative, capturing the competencies necessary for training on the FAIR principles.


Goal 2: FAIRify training materials and courses

We are developing guidelines for how training resources can be made FAIR, including training material on how to make training material FAIR. We are supporting the broader bioinformatics community to adopt these guidelines.

The guidelines also facilitate the creation of a checklist that can help streamline their adoption by trainers and communities alike. Ultimately this improves the FAIRness of existing resources and makes training more findable in TeSS, ELIXIR's registry of training courses and materials.

Outcomes of the group

How to get involved/contribute

  • Join the mailing list
  • Join the focus group meetings (first Wednesday of each month 9am CET): send an email to the mailing list, with the subject “Join meeting calls”.
  • Contribute to the lesson on making training materials FAIR.
  • Connect through the corresponding GH repo: the link to the GitHub repo will be added shortly.

Mailing list

fair-training [at] elixir-europe.org

Group chairs

Fotis Psomopoulos
Fotis Psomopoulos
(ELIXIR Greece)
Geert Van Geest
Geert Van Geest
(ELIXIR Switzerland)
Sara Morsey
Sara Morsey