RDA Activities Focus Group

ELIXIR and the RDA

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an organisation carrying momentum worldwide. The purpose of this focus group is to further enable ELIXIR members to leverage the benefits of the RDA and to ensure the life sciences point of view is represented in the RDA community. 

Further details on ELIXIR's RDA collaboration 


  • Ensure that life-science communities within RDA that could use our efforts are aware of the technical choices and possibilities of ELIXIR
  • Become aware of the developments in life-science data communities outside of ELIXIR
  • Ensure that technical communities are aware of developments in data handling in the life sciences
  • Become aware of technical developments in data handling in other science fields that are of value for ELIXIR
  • Standards, databases and other relevant resources are promoted, adopted and used through the FAIRsharing network

Current activities: 

The RDA Focus Group is working to establish a governance framework for the operation as an advisory group to ELIXIR missions in the scope of Research Data Alliance involvement. The Steering Committee will lead the development of the strategy in ELIXIR-RDA activities and the governance framework of this focus group.

Representative(s) from the RDA Activities Focus Group regularly attend the RDA Plenary Meeting, and communicate with the ELIXIR network via an executive summary generated after each plenary meeting. This Focus Group will meet every two months once an agreement of a regular bi-monthly slot is made with the group members. This focus group will

  • act as a proxy of communication between ELIXIR and the other international initiatives in the RDA-CODATA-GOFAIR "Data Together" triangle
  • represent ELIXIR in the RDA's Life Science Data Infrastructures IG
  • establish a success criteria to measure the benefit of RDA involvement to ELIXIR members at large
  • encourage an uptake of the RDA standards within ELIXIR and provide a venue to collect opinions and feedback from ELIXIR Communities and Technical Production in adopting RDA standards at ELIXIR

ELIXIR chaired RDA Working Groups (WG) 

ELIXIR chaired RDA Interest Groups (IG)

ELIXIR Hub Coordination Contact

Gavin Farrell (gavin.farrell [at] elixir-europe.org)


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