Data for Life podcast

ELIXIR's Data for Life podcast looks at the potential and current influence of data in medicine, genomics, biodiversity and many more life sciences. It features pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors and academics, who discuss  the rapid growth of the bioinformatics industry, the factors steering the field towards success, and the importance of open science. 

Episodes include influential and innovative people in biodata in Europe, such as Maria Chatzou Dunford (Founder of Lifebit), Hans Garritzen (Sales Director at MediSapiens) and Abel Ureta Vidal (Founder of Eagle Genomics).

The podcast is hosted by Hannes Rothe (Professor for Educational Service Engineering and IT Entrepreneurship, Freie Universität Berlin)  and Katharina Lauer (Industry Officer, ELIXIR Hub). Learn more about the hosts.

Previous episodes

23 June 2021

In the latest Data for Life podcast, Hannes and Kathi talk to Abel, a bioinformatician, serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and open science enthusiast. He has been living the Europe dream – a Spanish born, French-educated and British-inspired entrepreneur. Exploiting open research data, Abel built a thriving bioinformatics business.

4 February 2021

How can studying history prepare you for a career in bioinformatics? Why has Finland become a hub for genomics ventures? What is the current state of data quality in the life sciences, and how does this affect ventures? In this episode, Kathi and Hannes will move to Europe’s North to find the answers to these pressing questions, with Hans Garritzen from Medisapiens. The Finnish company provides clients with a digital health platform to leverage big biomedical data from public and private domains.

25 November 2020

Hannes and Kathi welcome Maria Chatzou, CEO and Co-Founder of drug discovery startup Lifebit to the first interview of the Innovation series. In this episode, they explore Cambridge, one of the most important ecosystems for biodata-centred businesses and unveil Maria’s experience in this competitive fast-moving industry — as both a successful bioinformatician and an entrepreneur.

15 October 2020

Why is biodata essential now and why for everyone?

Welcome to the Data for Life podcast, innovation series. Discover with Hannes Rothe and Kathi Lauer the world of biodata and its fruitful future for innovation. With the perspective of an entrepreneur and a virologist, you will be immersed in the innovative ocean of (open) life science data.

About the hosts

What do a medical scientist and an economist have in common?

Kathi Lauer comic-style picture

Kathi Lauer, ELIXIR Industry officer and doctor in medical sciences, met Hannes Rothe, an economist and entrepreneur, in Berlin at an entrepreneurship event on Digital Startup Ecosystems in 2017. Since then, they have been working together to understand what drives businesses to succeed in the field of biodata.

Hannes Rothe comic-style pictureInnovation in life sciences data is their common denominator. It has inspired them to join forces and create this exciting podcast. Yet, this is not the only outcome of their collaboration. Data for Life is part of a larger project to update the ELIXIR report on ‘Public data resources as a business model for SMEs’. They will revamp this report not only thanks to the insights from experts’ featured in the series of podcasts but through a meticulous analysis, currently underway, of the booming innovation ecosystem in Europe.