The ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum goes virtual

The 2020 ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum — What’s brewing in bioinformatics?

EBIF April 2020

Online events have always been an option. However, with the current travel restrictions, virtual conferences have become an opportunity to explore what will most likely be the future — a digital revolution of meetings as we know them. On Tuesday 28 April, ELIXIR held its first online conference.

The EBIF meeting brought together bioinformaticians from numerous countries to learn and discuss the latest research advances and visionary ideas from the comfort of a home office. With less time spent on travelling all focus could go to the exciting talks ranging from machine learning and deep learning applications in healthcare and pharma, how to harness the power of quantum computing, and essential open software for the life sciences. 

This successful meeting was only the first one of a series of online events that will take place throughout the next months. It aims to bring the bioinformatics community together around hot topics in the sector. On the next EBIF webinar, scheduled for Monday 5 May, we will discuss how to exploit semantic web technology for a service cross-talk between companies. Blanca Jordan, Health Sector Manager at Atos, will accompany us on this webinar alongside Sira Sarntivijai, ELIXIR’s Interoperability Platform Coordinator at the ELIXIR Hub.

Save the dates for all the upcoming series of webinars of the EBIF 2020:

You can access the EBIF 2020 slides here

If you missed the conference, you can watch the entire meeting here

What is the ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum?

The aim of ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum is to build a community for technical specialists in ELIXIR Nodes and industry to discuss visionary ideas, bottlenecks and solutions to some of the major challenges in the data-driven life science sector. 

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Thu 30 April 2020