ELIXIR at BioTechX 2023

Wed 4 October 2023 to Fri 6 October 2023
Basel Congress Center, Basel, Switzerland

ELIXIR panel discussion on “Trusted research environments for sharing data in life sciences”

  • Duration: 40 minutes (discussion and Q&A) 
  • Session: "Bioinformatics + in silico R&D"; second day (5 October, end of the day 17:25)
  • More info: ELIXIR-Switzerland booth
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Background for the panel discussion

The impact of data-centric research is increasingly dependent on the ability of researchers to access sensitive data and combine large-scale, representative data sets for analysis, pointing more and more to the need for secure analytical environments for research on security-graded data.

These data sets need to be hosted and managed in Trusted Research Environments (TREs), providing data access and analysis while ensuring reliable data management, governance and technology.

However, the landscape of TREs involving sensitive or restricted data is very fragmented, and there is no common reference architecture that enables connectivity and interoperability among TREs. To address this fragmentation and foster collaboration among different stakeholders, there is a need to establish a framework for large-scale partnerships on sensitive and restricted data via a network of TREs.

ELIXIR is hosting this discussion with a panel of experts with the aim of fostering a collaborative approach towards solving these issues.


  • Bert  Verdonck (Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS))
  • Sara Garavelli (Strategic European Engagement and Coordination Development Manager at CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland, and member of the Board of Directors of the EOSC Association) 
  • Kate Witkowska (Strategic Partnership Director, Genomics England)
  • Sebastian Wasilewski (Senior Director of Informatics at CGR, AstraZeneca)
  • Frederic Erard (Head, Legal and Technology Transfer Office, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

Moderator:  ELIXIR representative (TBC)


  • How to harmonise the standards for data quality, interoperability and governance across different TREs and data sources.
  • How to leverage cloud-based services and technologies to enable scalable and efficient data analysis and storage in TREs.
  • How to address the ethical, legal and social implications of genomic data sharing and use in TREs.
  • How to increase public awareness and trust in genomic data use and benefit in TREs.

More information

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