ELIXIR at the Bio-IT World Europe Conference

Wed 29 November 2023 to Thu 30 November 2023
Royal Lancaster, London, United Kingdom

ELIXIR is running two sessions at this year's Bio-IT World Europe Conference.

ELIXIR session in Track 3 (29th of November, 14:40-16:15): Storage Infrastructure & Cloud Computing

(90’ presentations and Q&A panel, 4 speakers)

ELIXIR session title: Managing and sustaining Bioinformatics Infrastructures across Europe 

Please join us by using the available ELIXIR discount passes. To get your discount code, please email ELIXIR's Industry Officer Despoina Sousoni (despoina.sousoni [at] elixir-europe.org).


Bioinformatics infrastructures are essential for facilitating the storage, organization, analysis, and interpretation of large-scale biological data. These infrastructures enable researchers from academia and industry to access and reuse data and tools that are essential for their scientific questions, as well as to collaborate and innovate across disciplines and regions. However, these infrastructures face many challenges, such as the increasing volume and variety of biological data, the limited funding, and the adaptation to changing regulations and technologies. 250 research institutes in over 23 countries have joined forces to integrate their bioinformatics resources under a common European life sciences infrastructure, called ELIXIR. By showcasing the open infrastructure resources of ELIXIR, this session will illustrate how European platforms for sensitive or restricted data are supported, how data management tools are provided, and how international standards are established. The presenters will also discuss the challenges and opportunities for collaborative efforts to foster innovation in life sciences.


  • Danielle Welter (ELIXIR Luxembourg)
  • Dylan Spalding (ELIXIR Finland - Genomics Data Infrastructure project)
  • Natalia Jiménez Lozano (CGG - Business development for HPCs)
  • Rory Popert (Unison)

Moderator: Jonathan Tedds

ELIXIR session in Track 4 (30th of November, 10:50-12:25): Data management

(90’ presentations and Q&A panel, 4 speakers)

Session title:  Collaborative efforts to make life sciences data more FAIR: tools, protocols and best practices


Data in the life sciences sector can have a greater impact if they are FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. To achieve this goal, a collaborative approach is essential to establish standards and best practices that are applicable across different domains and stages of the data life cycle. In this session, outcomes of several collaborative approaches will be presented, such as the established methodology for industry and academia through the FAIRcookbook; the Pistoia Alliance FAIR implementation project; the ELIXIR interoperability platform, which offers a range of FAIR data management services and high-performance data access and computing services, which enable scalable and secure data analysis. We will also discuss the challenges and opportunities for further collaboration and alignment in making life sciences data more FAIR.


  • Susanna Sansone (ELIXIR United Kingdom - FAIR Cookbook)
  • Philippe Rocca-Serra (Astra Zeneca - FAIR and industry)
  • Giovanni Nisato (Pistoia Alliance FAIR Toolkit) 
  • Danielle Welter (ELIXIR Luxembourg - RDM community)

Moderator: Despoina Sousoni

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