ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum: Exploiting semantics web technology for a service cross-talk between companies

Tue 5 May 2020, 16:00 to 17:00

EBIF 2020 Series 5 May Atos Webinar

In this Webinar, we will be taking an industry case example as a seeding scenario in a question of connecting different bioinformatics resources for an analytical workflow pipeline. The scope of discussion may include (but is not limited to) metadata and standards to allow cross-database data integration, machine-assisted data management by semantic web framework, and schematic mark-up for data and tools discoverability. For additional details of the ELIXIR Interoperability Service Framework, please see https://elixir-europe.org/platforms/interoperability.



  • Blanca Jordan (Atos)
  • Sira Sarntivijai (ELIXIR Hub)