ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum: Open source Software in the Life Sciences

Thu 28 May 2020, 16:00 to 17:00

EBIF 2020 Series 28 May Chan Zuckerberg Webinar


1. Introduction to the ELIXIR tools platformand development of software FAIR metrics

2. How We Are Supporting Essential Open Source Scientific Software: CZI’s EOSS Program

The majority of open source software for science is undervalued and lacks funding for maintenance, growth, development, and community engagement—especially after the initial phase when it’s linked to original research. At the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative we aim to support the people that work on this software to ensure long-term utility and value. The Essential Open Source Software for Science program supports domain-specific and foundational tools essential to conducting biomedical research. We will cover the current and future status of the program and our plans for community building and support beyond funding. 



  • Alex Wade (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)
  • Carly Strasser (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)
  • Eva Martin (ELIXIR Spain)
  • Jen Harrow (ELIXIR Hub)



Programme: Kathi Lauer (katharina.lauer@elixir-europe.org)