Making container services integratable, sustainable and widely adopted

The aim of this new strategic implementation study is to build on the current progress made through the on-going implementation study to enable adoption and deployment of protocols and services by the broader ELIXIR community at scale. This Strategic Implementation Study (SIS) aims to coordinate existing efforts across ELIXIR, identify opportunities, contribute in a targeted and limited way with specific developments to connect relevant components and propose mechanisms for sustaining this effort over time.


People involved: 

Frederik Coppens
Ignacio Eguinoa
Bert Droesbeke
Alexander Kanitz
Heinz Stockinger
Viktória Spišaková
Lukáš Hejtmánek
Björn Grüning
Bérénice Batut
Beatriz Serrano-Solano
Steven Newhouse
Justin Clark-Casey
Eva Alloza
Josep Ll. Gelpi
Salvador Capella-Gutierrez
Tommi Nyrönen
Alvaro Gonzalez
Hervé Ménager
Olivier Sallou
Anthony Bretaudeau
Fotis Psomopoulos
Maria Klapa
Thanasis Vergoulis
Michael Crusoe
Finn Bacall
Stuart Owen
Jen Harrow
Jonathan Tedds
Martin Čech
Veit Schwämmle
Marco Tangaro
Laura Rodriguez Navas