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The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is an internationally recognized non-profit organization, dedicated to biological and biomedical data science. 

Its data scientists are passionate about creating knowledge and solving complex questions in many fields, from biodiversity and evolution to medicine. They provide essential databases and software platforms as well as bioinformatics expertise and services to academic, clinical, and industry groups. SIB federates the Swiss bioinformatics community of some 800 scientists, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The institute contributes to keeping Switzerland at the forefront of innovation by fostering progress in biological research and enhancing health. 

SIB in figures (as of Jan. 2022):

  • 85 research and service groups
  • 807 members, including 190 employees
  • 25 institutional partners across Switzerland
  • Over 160 databases and software tools developed by SIB members accessible via the Expasy web portal
  • 100 course-days per year, making up over 60 courses provided to 1,700 participants
  • Over 3,700 peer-reviewed articles published since SIB’s creation in 1998


SIB is the largest national node within the ELIXIR consortium. As a provider of various renowned bioinformatics resources, expertise and teaching activities to the international life science community, SIB interacts with ELIXIR at several levels:

  • Four of SIB’s bioinformatics resources are part of ELIXIR’s Core Data Resources: UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, STRING, Rhea and Cellosaurus (read more here and here)
  • A study by SIB and supported by ELIXIR compared existing funding models towards sustainable funding of core data resources in the life sciences (Gabella C et al. F1000Research 2017, 6(ELIXIR):2051 - read more and watch the interview)
  • SIB co-led the development of the governance and processes supporting the identification and evaluation of ELIXIR Core Data Resources (Durinx C et al., F1000Research 2016, 5:2422)
  • SIB co-leads the ELIXIR Data and Training Platforms and is involved in several other workstreams, such as the benchmarking of software tools

SIB events

SIB runs an extensive range of scientific events, including its main computational biology conference [BC]2 occurring every two years in Basel. More on the training events in the Events section.


Head of Node

Christophe Dessimoz
Christophe Dessimoz
(SIB Joint Executive Director)

Technical Coordinator

Romuald Beaugrand
Romuald Beaugrand
(SIB Head of IT)

Training Coordinator

Patricia Palagi
Patricia Palagi
(SIB Head of Training)

Node Coordinator

Lucy Poveda
Lucy Poveda


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