Container Orchestration

This study aims to coordinate the provision and operation of a standards-compliant container orchestration platform. This will allow execution of containerised software tools and workflow workloads supporting public and sensitive data across ELIXIR Nodes. The study will enable containers to be deployed and operated at scale and across cloud systems through the container orchestration platform in standardised formats which will:

  • Focus on developing a standards (e.g. GA4GH) compliant, interoperable container orchestration platform
  • Comprise scientific software and workflows from ELIXIR Tools platform ecosystem e.g., Biocontainers, and OpenEBench
  • Connect with existing relevant ELIXIR communities e.g. HGTD, Proteomics, Marine, Galaxy
  • Provide an easy-to-use and transparent way of automating service deployment, orchestration, and configuration through the platform that can support the ELIXIR use cases and communities.

This Task coordinates ELIXIR Compute Platform’s (ECP) expertise and resources to leverage the technology development in other funded projects in order to provide high-level, community-driven orchestration of containers across ELIXIR Nodes. This will allow standardised, containerised and community-driven software applications to be hosted on ELIXIR Nodes and ELIXIR cloud infrastructures. The target is to provide a high-level abstraction layer to the underlying integrated technological components provided by Tasks 1, 2 and 3.

WP4.1: Coordinate an ELIXIR container platform to allow execution of containerised software workflow loads developed with the ELIXIR Tools platform ecosystem

Lead: Susheel Varma (EMBL-EBI)

This task will coordinate the provision of a standards compatible platform that can be offered to users to execute and manage the lifecycle of their containers on cloud platforms. These will be made available from ELIXIR Nodes and later on European e-Infrastructures. This platform will be offered to end-users (application developers in this example) through standards compliant APIs deployed in front of the individual cloud providers.

WP4.2: Access to sensitive datasets with containers

Lead: Shubham Kapoor (ELIXIR FI)

This task will provide analysis pipelines as a service using containers that are able to process sensitive data using the ELIXIR security guidelines.