Single-Cell Omics Network for ELIXIR (SCONE) (2023-24)

This Implementation Study will allow the newly created Single-Cell Omics Community to tackle some of the main challenges identified and achieve the Community's short-term goals described in the white paper.

SCONE will address the need for scalable training by training more trainers and by providing easy access to up-to-date training resources, including lecture videos.

Efficient benchmarking of analysis tools will be achieved by providing curated benchmarking datasets. To effectively address shortfalls in current data/metadata standard paradigms, SCONE will monitor emerging technologies and organise workshops on standard and FAIR data management practices in use across the entire single-cell omics community, with involvement of key stakeholders including those providing standards, tools and data hosting solutions.

The ELIXIR Compute Platform will be kept up to date with the computing requirements of SCO researchers by active information exchange including a workshop.

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