Literature-Data Integration

ELIXIR is a distributed data infrastructure that meets the scientific needs of the life science research community for data deposition and informatics service provision, and as a source of reference for best practises in data resource operation and management.

The goal of this group is to ensure that the links between the distributed data components of this infrastructure are made consistently and extensively, providing deep integration between those components. This will enable synergies across the data ecosystem, and supporting initiatives aimed at documenting and demonstrating reproducibility of research.

Aim: To build a connected ELIXIR data ecosyste​m.

Through outreach activities such as staff placements and hackathons, we will provide support for deep integration between ELIXIR data resources to:

  1. support reproducibility of research by linking papers to underlying data in ELIXIR data resources;
  2. ensure reference datasets in ELIXIR data resources, both deposited and curated, comprehensively link to Europe PMC;
  3. provide technology to support deep linking between Europe PMC and databases;
  4. provide support for ORCID integration into data resources.