ELIXIR welcomes two new Platform co-leads

ELIXIR is  pleased to announce two new Platform co-leads who will be taking up their roles from October 2022.  Harald Wagener (Germany) joins as Compute Platform co-lead and Eva Alloza (Spain) as Training Platform co-lead. They replace Steven Newhouse (EMBL-EBI, Compute Platform) and Celia van Gelder (Netherlands, Training Platform). We welcome the new additions and thank those standing down for their contributions over the past two years.

Each of ELIXIR’s five Platforms (Data, Tools, Compute, Interoperability and Training) has a Platform Coordinator based at the ELIXIR Hub, and three Platform co-leads (also known as Executive Committee members or ExCos) who are based at ELIXIR Nodes. The coordinators and co- leads are collectively responsible for the operations and activities of their respective Platforms, helping to drive new developments in each area.

Mon 26 September 2022