Three new Focus Groups to advance professional careers and pathogen data sharing

ELIXIR welcomes three new Focus Groups: Learning Paths, Professionalising Careers in Research Infrastructures and Pathogens Data.

ELIXIR Focus Groups are time-limited groups bringing people together around a particular topic, typically to address emerging areas of interest. Focus Groups are open to any member of ELIXIR and, in some cases, external parties. The addition of three new groups brings the total number of Focus Groups in ELIXIR to 11.

The three new groups all support the aims of ELIXIR new Science Programme 2024-28. Learning paths are structured routes guiding individuals through a sequence of courses or training materials, designed to make it easier to achieve specific learning goals. The Learning Path Focus Group, along with the Professionalising Careers in Research Infrastructures Focus Group, further the aims of ELIXIR new Science Programme 2024-28 by promoting professional development. The Pathogens Data Focus Group advances a new scientific priority area in the Programme – Biodiversity, Food Security and Pathogens.

Learning Paths

The group will share knowledge, ideas and experiences to identify needs, devise solutions and advocate for the widespread adoption of learning paths across ELIXIR. Led by Alexia Cardona (ELIXIR UK), Loredana Le Pera (ELIXIR Italy) and Jessica Lindvall (ELIXIR Sweden) it has two main goals:

  • Explore strategies for the development of structured learning programmes
  • Promote the use of learning path guidelines in ELIXIR

These activities will address the current lack of guidance in ELIXIR for developing curricula and structured training programs, with the overall aim of enhancing the experience of learners.

Professionalising Careers in Research Infrastructures

The group will support the career development and improve recognition of research infrastructure roles such as trainer, data steward, project manager, software engineer, developer and community manager.

Initially, the group will conduct a survey of job advertisements within ELIXIR to classify roles analysing specifications, grades and skills. The mapping exercise will improve the standardisation of job titles and clarify the relationships among different roles.

The group is led by Lisanna Paladin (ELIXIR Germany), Emma Karoune (ELIXIR UK) and Jessica Lindvall (ELIXIR Sweden).

Pathogens Data

The Pathogen Data Focus Group will support global genomics-based surveillance and research of infectious diseases, by laying the groundwork for a distributed and interoperable network of regional and national pathogen data platforms. This will be achieved by:

  • Agreeing on data, metadata and analysis standards and promoting their use and reuse
  • Promoting FAIR and equitable data sharing
  • Proposing benchmark datasets and quality assessments
  • Building capacity for pandemic preparedness through training, maturity models and tools
  • Liaising with global pathogen genomics epidemiology initiatives and entities such as PHA4GE, GMI, WHO, ECDC

The group is led by Aitana Neves (ELIXIR Switzerland), Isabel Cuesta De La Plaza (ELIXIR Spain) and Erik Hjerde (ELIXIR Norway).

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Fri 19 April 2024