ELIXIR supports operations of two Infrastructure Services

ELIXIR has announced over 350,000 Euros to support two key life science “Infrastructure Services” from April 2024 until the end of 2026.

Infrastructure Service funding is reserved for stable ELIXIR services with activities such as operations, maintenance and governance which are hard to sustain through other mechanisms. Infrastructure Services have been identified and developed through multi-year consultation with the Heads of Nodes, service providers and end users.

The first Infrastructure Services to receive funding are the ELIXIR Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI), managed by Masaryk University in the Czech Republic and the Finnish CSC - IT Centre for Science, and the ELIXIR Training e-Support System (TeSS), managed by the UK’s University of Manchester and the University of Tartu in Estonia. Both are ELIXIR Multi-Node Services.

The ELIXIR AAI is a service for authenticating researchers and enabling the definition of user permissions for a given service. It has been developed and funded through two recent ELIXIR Service Plans. TeSS is a comprehensive resource for trainers and trainees to discover online information and content, including training materials, events and interactive tutorials. Both are fundamental to the functioning of ELIXIR as a whole, and by their nature require special commitment to long term sustainability.

In addition, over 35,000 Euros has been allocated to a oversight team of Harald Wagener (ELIXIR Germany), Jessica Lindvall (ELIXIR Sweden) and Silvio Tosatto (ELIXIR Italy), with support from Jonathan Tedds and David Lloyd in the ELIXIR Hub. The team will evaluate the Infrastructure Services for impact and value for money, develop a protocol for managing the portfolio and its selection, and provide recommendations for future continuation or modification of the funding model.

Currently, two additional services, ELIXIR Beacon Network and ELIXIR Research Software Ecosystem are under consideration as future Infrastructure Services.

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Fri 10 May 2024