First six ELIXIR trainers receive Software and Data Carpentry Instructors certificate

Following the ELIXIR Software and Data Carpentry Instructor training in Lausanne, first six ELIXIR trainers have become certified Software and Data Carpentry Instructors.

The Instructor training took place in January 2016 at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland as part of the ELIXIR Pilot Action to introduce Software and Data Carpentry to ELIXIR Nodes. It gathered 20 new instructors from seven different ELIXIR Nodes; six of them have already submitted their post-workshop tasks and received their certificates. The remaining 14 participants should complete the procedure in the coming weeks.

The workshop in Lausanne concluded the Software and Data carpentry Pilot Action. Coordinated by ELIXIR UK, the pilot run a series of five Data and Software Carpentry workshops for the ELIXIR community; additional six Software and Data Carpentry workshops were organised by individual ELIXIR Nodes. In total, they trained about 240 life science researchers and trainers from 13 ELIXIR Nodes.

ELIXIR and Software and Data Carpentry are now discussing possibilities to continue and extend this collaboration. The newly established pool of ELIXIR instructors will facilitate the process.

More information: ELIXIR UK website

Thu 25 February 2016