Data for Life Podcast — the captivating side of bioinformatics

ELIXIR is launching a new podcast station — Data for Life. Inaugurated with the ‘Innovation Series’ and hosted by Hannes Rothe and Katharina Lauer, it will focus on the rapid growth of the bioinformatics industry, the factors steering the field towards success and the importance of open science and data.

The subsequent episodes feature influential and innovative personas in biodata in Europe. You will hear the opinion of leading experts such as Maria Chatzou Dunford (Founder of Lifebit), Hans Garritzen (Sales Director at MediSapiens) and Abel Ureta Vidal (Founder of Eagle Genomics).

The podcast will resonate with the voices of these pioneers, entrepreneurs, investors and academics to discover the potential and current influence of data in medicine, genomics, biodiversity and many more life sciences fields.

Data for Life is available on Apple Podcasts and will soon be available on all your favourite streaming platform over the coming weeks. But you can already enjoy the pilot episode on Podomatic to know more about the hosts and their motivations to create this new podcast.

About the hosts

What do a medical scientist and an economist have in common?

Kathi Lauer comic-style picture

Kathi Lauer, ELIXIR Industry officer and doctor in medical sciences, met Hannes Rothe, an economist and entrepreneur, in Berlin at an entrepreneurship event on Digital Startup Ecosystems in 2017. Since then, they have been working together to understand what drives businesses to succeed in the field of biodata.

Hannes Rothe comic-style pictureInnovation in life sciences data is their common denominator. It has inspired them to join forces and create this exciting podcast. Yet, this is not the only outcome of their collaboration. Data for Life is part of a larger project to update the ELIXIR report on ‘Public data resources as a business model for SMEs’. They will revamp this report not only thanks to the insights from experts’ featured in the series of podcasts but through a meticulous analysis, currently underway, of the booming innovation ecosystem in Europe. 

The report will demonstrate how ELIXIR and public data resources in general help to shape, expand and advance today’s thriving biodata-based businesses. 

Fri 23 October 2020