Tools Platform Ecosystem

The Tools Platform has initiated the development of the “Tools Platform Ecosystem”. This metadata exchange platform will coordinate the different registries and services maintained by the ELIXIR Tools Platform, using standards such as EDAM, Bioschemas, and biotoolsSchema. Building on top of the content aggregated and curated over the last years, it will open up the content and make it accessible beyond API calls. In production, this platform will serve as the central tool-metadata hub for the Tools Platform resources, and provide integration with other services and communities within and beyond ELIXIR.


People involved: 

Hervé Ménager
Alban Gaignard
Matúš Kalaš
Björn Grüning
Hans Ioan Ienasescu
Piotr Jaroslaw Chmura
Salvador Capella-Gutierrez
Josep Ll. Gelpi
Stuart Owen
Carole Goble
Frederik Coppens
Hedi Peterson
Federico Zambelli
Jen Harrow
Oleg Zharkov
Veit Schwämmle