Gap analysis, training materials development and training delivery (2022-23)

The objectives of this task are to:

  • Identify training gaps
  • Facilitate the development of FAIR training materials
  • Support and bridge ELIXIR Communities in developing Training Collections and Learning Paths
  • Draft a template for ELIXIR certification of training material and courses.

Task 2 will continue to implement the concept of “co-production” between TrP and the collaborating Platforms, Communities or Nodes in the WPs where such interactions are called for.

It is important to note for WP2 in particular, that the organization of dedicated hackathons towards preparing new training materials is no longer considered a priority to be funded from TrP Core Funding. However, as it is evident that these training material generation hackathons are still needed, it is expected that they will be funded through other sources such as the co-production model , e.g. by Communities, Platforms, Nodes or other projects that are in need of those hackathons, as well as utilizing the already existing funding schemes by the Hub (Staff Exchange, Travel Grant, etc).