ELIXIR Beacon Implementation Study: disseminating the Beacon and ELIXIR Beacon Network (EBN) (2022-23)

Previous ELIXIR Beacon Implementation Studies (IS) have incrementally developed Beacon. The aim of this IS to disseminate the Beacon and ELIXIR Beacon Network (EBN). The Beacon v2 draft2 was presented to ELIXIR, H2020 projects, and GA4GH partner - and was very well received. Consequently requests for implementing the extended Beacon v2 increased significantly.

In this IS we plan to: 1) continue the successful collaboration with the GA4GH Discovery workstream as a Beacon team, 2) deploy testing– instances in clinical and non-clinical partners (H2020 projects, GA4GH Driver projects, and ELIXIR partners), 3) extend the ELIXIR Services specification to manage Beacon v2 instances, 4) extend security features towards real world needs, and 5) extend and improve EBN.

This IS will contribute to ELIXIR 2019-2023 strategic goals 1, 2 and 5 by providing Beacons integrated in the EBN Infrastructure, contributing to the development of GA4GH standards, and empowering nodes to be part of the federated Network. As a GA4GH Driver project, ELIXIR Beacon contributes widely to the specification work done in GA4GH Discovery work stream.


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People involved: 

Jordi Rambla
Salvador Capella-Gutierrez
Sergi Beltran
Juha Törnroos
Eija Korpelainen
Michael Baudis
David Salgado
Matteo Chiara
Federico Zambelli
Venkata Satagopam
Eivind Hovig
Kjell Petersen
Johan Viklund
Tim Beck
Anthony Brookes