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ELIXIR Core Data Resources are a set of European data resources of fundamental importance to the wider life-science community and the long-term preservation of biological data.

Identification of the ELIXIR Core Data Resources involves a careful evaluation of the multiple facets of the data resources. Indicators used in the evaluation are grouped into five categories:

  • Scientific focus and quality of science
  • Community served by the resource
  • Quality of service
  • Legal and funding infrastructure, and governance
  • Impact and translational stories

The details of the selection criteria are described in the F1000R ELIXIR track article 'Identifying ELIXIR Core Data Resources'. The initial Core Data Resource list was defined in July of 2017. For a summary of that process, watch the ELIXIR webinar presented in September 2017. The list will be reviewed regularly. For an introduction to the Core Data Resources list, please view this summary

ELIXIR is committed to Open Access as a core principle for publicly funded research. ELIXIR Core Data Resources should reflect this commitment and have terms of use or a licence that enables the reuse and remixing of data. The Creative Commons licenses CC0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA are all conformant with the Open Definition (http://opendefinition.org/licenses/), as are equivalent open terms of use.1

CDR timeline of ongoing activities can be found here.

ELIXIR Core Data Resource list

In addition to the Core Data Resources, ELIXIR has compiled a list of recommended repositories for experimental data, the ELIXIR Deposition Databases.

Further information

  • ELIXIR Hub contacts: Fabio Liberante & Gavin Farrell (core-resources [at] elixir-europe.org)
  • Papers:
    • Drysdale R, Repo S, Roman Garcia P et al. Implementing a Process for the Selection of Core Data Resources [version 1; not peer reviewed]. F1000Research 2018, 7(ELIXIR):1711 (document) (https://doi.org/10.7490/f1000research.1116247.1)
    • Drysdale R, McEntyre J, Durinx C and Blomberg N. The Process for the Selection of ELIXIR Core Data Resources [version 1; not peer reviewed]. F1000Research 2018, 7(ELIXIR):1712 (document) (https://doi.org/10.7490/f1000research.1116248.1)
    • Drysdale R, McEntyre J, Durinx C et al. The Annual Indicator Monitoring and Periodic Review Processes: ELIXIR Core Data Resources and Deposition Databases [version 1; not peer reviewed]. F1000Research 2020, 9(ELIXIR):114 (document) (https://doi.org/10.7490/f1000research.1117816.1)

1 Should a Core Data Resource lose its funding and the only option to remain viable requires a reversion to a non-open license, the license status and exception (e.g. requirement for industry co-funding) may be revisited by the ELIXIR Heads of Nodes Committee. Back to text.