Core Data Resources Timeline

CDR Activities Overview

The ELIXIR Core Data Resources (CDR) process consists of three key activities:

  • CDR Selection: the running of intermittent CDR selection rounds to add new mature biodata resources to the ELIXIR CDR portfolio.
  • Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM): metric collection from the current portfolio of CDR and ELIXIR Depsoition Databases (EDD) - runs on an annual basis.
  • CDR Periodic Review: an in-depth review of the current CDR portfolio - generally runs every three years.

All activities relating to the ELIXIR CDR process will be maintained and updated in an ongoing basis on this web page within the timeline below.  


Date Action
11 July 2022

Opening of Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM) collection from current CDR and EDD.

31 October 2022 Closing of Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM) collection from current CDR and EDD.
Late 2022

Preparation of ELIXIR members for 2023 CDR selection process.

Early 2023 Opening of 2023 ELIXIR CDR selection process.
Q2 2023

ELIXIR Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM) metric collection of current CDR and EDD.

Q2 2023

First CDR and EDD periodic review - TBC.

Late 2023 Closing of 2023 ELIXIR CDR selection process and confirmation of newly selected CDR.

Additional CDR Support

  • Please contact Gavin Farrell (gavin.farrell [at] for queries and support relating to the ELIXIR CDR process.
  • Please also note only ELIXIR Node biodata resources are eligible to particpate in the ELIXIR CDR process.

Information on the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) 

  • The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) are working on a global scale to identify Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBR).
  • The GBC and ELIXIR operate independently from each other and maintain separate processes of biodata resource selection and monitoring. 
  • ELIXIR intends to operationally align its activities to best enable participation of ELIXIR members in both the ELIXIR CDR process and the GBC's GCBR process.
  • Please find key dates and information on the GBC's 2022 GCBR selection process linked here.