Core Data Resources - Timelines

CDR Activities Overview

The ELIXIR Core Data Resources (CDR) process consists of three key activities:

  • CDR Selection: the running of intermittent CDR selection rounds to add new mature biodata resources to the ELIXIR CDR portfolio - call opens every second year.
  • Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM): metric collection from the current portfolio of CDR and ELIXIR Deposition Databases (EDD) - runs on an annual basis.
  • CDR Periodic Review: an in-depth review of the current CDR portfolio - resources reviewed every four years.

All activities relating to the ELIXIR CDR process will be maintained and updated in an ongoing basis on this web page within the timelines below.

CDR Periodic Review 2024

Date Action
08 April 2024 Periodic review notice included in ELIXIR Weekly Brief.
15 April 2024

Open of period for return of periodic review assessment case document.

Stakeholders for resources undergoing review to be contacted directly with all information and documentation relating to review process.

18 & 30 April 2024

Two virtual drop-in sessions for resource stakeholders with any queries about the process. Links to be included in information email.

23 May 2024

Deadline for return of periodic review assessment case document.

June 2024

Review panel briefed and provided with collated CDR & EDD case documents and AIM metrics.

September 2024

Review panel meeting to consider CDR & EDD statuses and draft recommendations to the ELIXIR Heads of Nodes.

October 2024

Review panel recommendation and feedback sent to CDR & EDD stakeholders.

Consultation period with stakeholders for resources under review.

November 2024 Final panel recommendations on CDR & EDD status shared with ELIXIR Heads of Nodes. 
5 December 2024 Panel recommendations and any rebuttals will be assessed at ELIXIR Head of Nodes meeting.
December 2024 CDR and EDD stakeholders informed of outcome decisons from ELIXIR Heads of Nodes.
December 2024 End of 2024 periodic review of CDR and EDD. 


CDR Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM) 2024

Date Action
October 2024

Opening of Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM) collection from current CDR and EDD.

November 2024 Closing of Annual Indicator Monitoring (AIM) collection from current CDR and EDD.


CDR Selection 2025

Date Action
Q1 2025



  • Please contact Gavin Farrell (gavin.farrell [at] & Fabio Liberante (fabio.liberante [at] for queries and support relating to the ELIXIR CDR process.
  • Please also note only ELIXIR Node biodata resources are eligible to particpate in the ELIXIR CDR process.

Information on the Global Biodata Coalition (GBC)

  • The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) has created an independent process for the selection and monitoring of the Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBR).
  • While independent, the two groups have continued to keep their activities aligned to simplify the participation of ELIXIR members in both the CDR and the GCBR processes.
  • Please find key dates and information on the GBC selection process here.