ELIXIR Hub boosts its capacity in Human Genomics and Translational Data

We are pleased to announce that Susheel Varma has joined the ELIXIR Hub as Technical Coordinator for Human Genomics and Translational Data.

Susheel will provide technical knowledge and expertise to develop and coordinate services within the Human Genomics and Translational Data portfolio, which is headed by Serena Scollen, Head of Human Genomics and Translational Data in ELIXIR . In particular, Susheel will manage  the technical development of the GA4GH/ELIXIR Beacon project and ELIXIR Implementation Studies within the ELIXIR Rare Disease Use Case. He will also contribute to the development of ELIXIR’s Technical Strategy for this domain and facilitate alignment and collaboration with and between other ELIXIR Platforms, driving technical integration within ELIXIR.

Susheel Varma joins the ELIXIR Hub from the University of Manchester where he was most recently working with Carole Goble as part of the ELIXIR Interoperability Platform and EOSCPilot. Before that he worked as Translational Technology Officer (CTO) at the University of Sheffield, UK.  He has a wealth of experience, particularly in developing and project managing bespoke research software and Cloud & HPC enabled healthcare computing solutions. He has technically managed developers and research scientists to deliver scientific tools and services to share clinical data and develop workflows for clinical translation in multiple healthcare domains. Most recently, as part of the VPH-DARE@IT project, he coordinated European teams to process large prospective and retrospective Dementia-related cohorts through complex multi-site data analytics pipelines for clinical decision support.

Susheel holds a PhD in Computer Science (Cardiac Electrophysiology) from the Kroto Research Institute at the University of Sheffield, is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute and a certified Amazon Web Services Cloud Solution Architect.

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Wed 7 June 2017