Connecting public bioinformatics infrastructure with industry

Cover of the report on industry support
The latest ELIXIR report showcases successful examples of collaboration between companies and ELIXIR Nodes.

ELIXIR has published a report presenting the different ways in which ELIXIR Nodes support industry . It features a series of success stories highlighting industry-academia collaboration across ELIXIR.

The success stories are grouped into four categories: 

  1. Engagement and collaboration: Strategic partnerships and bespoke collaboration
  2. Service provision: Services with high industry relevance
  3. Outreach, dissemination and brokering
  4. Seeking advice: Membership programmes and advisory bodies

Each category represents the different ways ELIXIR Nodes, and the services they run,  interact with and are used by companies. The report shows that while some companies look for bespoke collaborations with ELIXIR Nodes to help them to find an optimal solution to their research activities, others simply want to learn more about the existing bioinformatics services and provide feedback on how they can better meet the needs of industry. 

Graphic - four areas of industry support in ELIXIR
Four ways in which ELIXIR collaborates and interacts with industry and SMEs.

Katharina Lauer, ELIXIR’s Industry Officer said: “There is a rich ecosystem of small and large companies that either directly work with bioinformatics data or need bioinformatics services for some aspect of their activities. I believe that the success stories presented in our report are  really the tip of the iceberg and there is huge potential for collaboration, both in our Nodes and in the companies. The goal of the report is to showcase the opportunities for open innovation in life science research and inspire others to follow.”

Open data and industry

One of ELIXIR’s goals is to ensure that public biological data brings benefits to industry as well as academia.The open bioinformatics resources provided by ELIXIR are typically free to access and use by anyone, anywhere  in the world. Industry is already a major user of many of these resources and frequently collaborate with the service providers. These interactions have helped to build trust and ensured that services provided by ELIXIR are of high quality and useful for industry users

Download the full report: Supporting innovation in bioinformatics: how ELIXIR connects public bioinformatics infrastructure with industry (pdf)

Tue 23 July 2019