Integrating the Toxicology Community into ELIXIR

New approaches such as high throughput cell-based assays, omics data and imaging have led to an increase in toxicological data. To innovate risk assessment, exchange and reuse of data between researchers, regulatory and industrial stakeholders becomes increasingly important. To this end, the concept of FAIR data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) is useful and needed, in particular as biological and chemical data interoperability issues exist. Developing an ELIXIR community will help to promote access to bioinformatics expertise to accommodate these needs.

ELIXIR recognized the importance of toxicology and an ELIXIR Toxicology Community has now been established. The Community aims to align FAIR and open data solutions from toxicology with ELIXIR services and resources. To establish this, existing open solutions for data integration across toxicological domains will be disseminated.

Additionally, the Community stimulates cross-project collaborations, making platforms, research output, resources, solutions, such as those used for systems toxicology, and data FAIR. Finally, the Community fosters the development of missing open community standards, needed to increase the overall FAIRness of data.

A start has been made to interact with ELIXIR resources including FAIRsharing, and Bioschemas. Ultimately, the ELIXIR Toxicology Community's ambition is to advance data-rich toxicological research to help address the challenges posed by the risk assessment of chemicals and advanced materials. The community will provide a platform for researchers and regulators, to collaborate and share data, methods, solutions, standards, and expertise.

This project aims to continue, extend, and scale up the earlier initiated collaborations between ELIXIR activities (,, TeSS, Systems Biology, ISA tools etc) and the Toxicology Community. Particularly, we have the following objectives: to organize a series of online webinars and onsite workshops in collaboration with the ELIXIR Platforms to:

  • demonstrate and disseminate FAIR-ification of toxicological research output (not limited to data);
  • development of guidance for Research Output Management Plans (software, standards, etc) ;
  • develop a roadmap, training, and best practices for making toxicology services ready for EOSC; 
  • optimize and synchronize the toxicology educational resources in an ELIXIR TeSS-based collection; and
  • leverage/train the toxicological community on the systems biology resources/tools within ELIXIR to foster quantitative adverse outcome pathway design and use of these  towards risk assessment.                                    

Therefore, this Implementation Study can be best seen as one continuous BioHackathon. Besides participation in the BioHackathon Europe itself (in which the Toxicology Community has participated already three times), we will specifically organize workshops, working together with toxicologists and ELIXIR experts from Platforms.


1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024

Nodes involved: 


  • Toxicology