The registry and the EDAM ontology (2022-23)

The registry content is continuously growing as new entries are added by curators and by the community. Currently contains over 20,000 tool annotations. Given the large number of entries, the registry needs to ensure that its users can seamlessly search and obtain tools of interest.

To achieve this there is a need for high quality content along with the functionality and interface necessary to curate and maintain this content, and provide it to the users in a manner that encourages data (re) usability, contribution and integration with other projects. Both the registry and the EDAM ontology are essential, continuously evolving components of the ELIXIR Tools Platform, that will be deeply integrated with the Tools Platform Ecosystem and other Platforms.

All the work package components described below synergize and complement each other. It is important to acknowledge that there is little value gained by having quality tool annotations without the mechanisms and interfaces to identify and use these tools. In a similar fashion there is little value to having highly performant searching and complex interfaces without quality of data. These types of issues can be solved by tackling the problem from multiple angles. In consequence the below described tasks will contribute to creating a well integrated and up-to-date system which provides both valuable high quality data and the means to deliver this data to the users in a practical and useful manner.