APICURON integration with curation databases (2022-23)

Biocuration plays a key role in making research data available to the scientific community in a
standardized way. Despite its importance, the contribution and effort of biocurators is extremely
difficult to attribute and quantify. APICURON (https://apicuron.org) is a web server that provides biological databases and organizations with a real-time automatic tracking system of biocuration
activities. APICURON calculates achievements and allows objective evaluation of the volume and
quality of the contributions. In this project APICURON will be connected with the Pfam, Rfam, IntAct,
SABIO-RK, PomBase, Reactome, SILVA and BioModels databases. Different use cases and
implementations will be enumerated, and extended documentation will be produced. The aim of the project is to integrate a core of early adopter’s curation databases, standardize the tracking of curation activity and connect with ORCID. The project goal is to promote engagement and provide a service for an objective evaluation of the contributions.


1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023

Nodes involved: