ELIXIR Service Bundles

Chatting at an ELIXIR hackathon
ELIXIR Service Bundles are collections of tools, services, people, and training materials that are recommended for use for research in particular scientific disciplines.

ELIXIR offers hundreds of different bioinformatics services. For many scientists navigating through this list is time-consuming and complex. ELIXIR Service Bundles aim to make it easier for scientists by providing community recommended resources to use for particular research questions. They include service lists but also visualised workflows.

Service Bundles have been developed by domain-experts in ELIXIR and indicate the most appropriate bioinformatics resources from within ELIXIR and outside. They include general lists of recommended services as well as detailed visualisations of suggested workflows. To read more about ELIXIR Service Bundles, please see this process document.

Current Service Bundles