COVID-19: what we are doing

Find out what ELIXIR members are doing to support the fight against COVID-19 in their countries. For a list of services ELIXIR is providing for COVID-19 research see the ELIXIR support to COVID-19 page.

ELIXIR Belgium×

ELIXIR Czech Republic×

ELIXIR Cyprus×

  • Information available soon.

ELIXIR Estonia×

  • Developed data collection services and modelling tools for hospitals to track the spread of COVID-19. See the special pages on the University of Tartu website.

ELIXIR Denmark×

  • Established a feature in the software registry to allow scientists to search for the most suitable software for COVID-19-related work.

ELIXIR Finland×

  • Prioritising access to national cloud and computing facilities for COVID-19 research projects.
  • Mobilised resources for the virtual COVID-19 BioHackathon.

ELIXIR France×

  • Formed a COVID-19 Task Force with national experts in bioinformatics and infrastructure provision.
  • Created a website listing the national computing infrastructures and workflows. See the IFB website.

ELIXIR Germany×

ELIXIR Greece×

ELIXIR Hungary×

ELIXIR Ireland×

ELIXIR Israel×

  • Published research on COVID-19 - see the bioRxiv paper.
  • Contributed to a web page dedicated to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 on Proteopedia—the free 3D-encyclopedia of proteins and other biomolecules.


  • Mobilised the national compute resources to support virtual COVID-19 BioHackathon and for on-demand Galaxy workflow support. See the Laniakea website.

ELIXIR Luxembourg×

ELIXIR Netherlands×

ELIXIR Norway×

ELIXIR Portugal×

ELIXIR Slovenia×

  • Developing a COVID-19 registry of patient data to enable online data collection and provide (some) compute resources for national and international research.


ELIXIR Sweden×

  • Planning the collection of human sequences (e.g. proteomics, serology) to store it securely in a local instance of the European Genome phenome Archive (EGA).
  • Launched a COVID-19 portal.

ELIXIR Switzerland×

  • Running databases and tools for COVID-19 research.
  • Created a dedicated webpage to compile all related resources. See the SIB website.


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COVID-19 Data Portal

The EBI and the European Commission have launched the European COVID-19 Data Portal. This enables the rapid collection and sharing of relevant data, in an effort to accelerate coronavirus research.