ELIXIR publishes its Horizon Europe Position Paper

ELIXIR has today published its Position Paper on the Ninth Framework Programme (FP9), also referred to as Horizon Europe. In the paper, we make a series of recommendations as to what Horizon Europe should look like in relation to research infrastructures. The main recommendations are as follows: 

  1. The budget allocation for the Research Infrastructure programme of Horizon Europe should reflect the fundamental role research infrastructures play in delivering scientific excellence and socio-economic impact
  2. Further steps should be taken to ensure Open Data is the default position for Horizon Europe
  3. The grant funding model for research projects is not suited to support the operations of core databases and infrastructure services; more appropriate mechanisms should be developed and sufficiently supported financially
  4. Horizon Europe should allow for linkages between Research Infrastructures and other themes of Horizon Europe, and between other funding sources such as the European Structural and Innovation Funds (ESIF) 

ELIXIR Position Paper on Horizon Europe (pdf)

Thu 22 March 2018