ELIXIR funds seven new life science data projects

Seven new Community-led Implementation Studies were launched on 1 June 2021 covering a diverse range of topics across a variety of life science disciplines. Collectively these projects were awarded €1.5 million, funded through ELIXIR’s Core budget, and will run until 2023.

The seven new Community-led implementation studies all relate to ELIXIR Communities and are as follows:

  1. Building on PDBe-KB to chart and characterise the conformational landscape of native proteins | 3D Bioinfo Community, ten ELIXIR Nodes involved
  2. Strengthen data management in Galaxy | Galaxy Community, 12 ELIXIR Nodes involved
  3. Increasing plant data findability and reuse beyond ELIXIR | Plant Sciences Community, ten ELIXIR Nodes involved
  4. Improving IDP tools interoperability and integration into ELIXIR | Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Community, six ELIXIR Nodes involved plus involvement from Cyprus (prospective ELIXIR member)
  5. Beacon and beyond — implementation-driven standards and protocols for CNV discovery and data exchange | human Copy Number Variation (hCNV) Community, six ELIXIR Nodes involved
  6. Reference hCNV datasets, use-case workflows and benchmarking | hCNV Community, five ELIXIR Nodes involved
  7. Increasing the translational value of public proteomics datasets: automatic metadata-driven reanalysis in cloud infrastructures | Proteomics Community, 11 ELIXIR Nodes involved

How were these projects decided upon?

These new projects were selected using a method called ‘Request For Proposals’ or RFP, where a call was launched for ELIXIR Communities to develop project proposals that help to integrate resources that are developed within a Community with ELIXIR Platforms and other Communities.  The proposals then underwent a rigorous peer-review by independent experts in bioinformatics research and service provision, which were benchmarked by an external Evaluation Committee.

We would like to thank the members of our anonymous reviewer panel for sharing their insights and expertise (each received two or three proposals to review to ensure consistency), as well as members of the Evaluation Committee who made the final selection. 

What are Implementation Studies?

Implementation studies are focussed, short-term projects funded by the ELIXIR Hub that help implement the ELIXIR Scientific Programme and strengthen interactions between ELIXIR Nodes. These fall under the larger net of ‘Commissioned Services’, which are technical projects that guide future service development, drive standards adoption and connect ELIXIR Nodes. Commissioned Services therefore also refer to other short-term projects such as Platform Tasks, Strategic Implementation studies and Infrastructure Services. 

To find out more, visit the Commissioned Services page to view the full range of past and present projects.

Mon 28 June 2021