Local/Federated EGA

The Local / Federated EGA (European Genome-phenome Archive) is a distributed solution for sharing and exchange of human -omics data across national borders. Local EGA collects metadata of -omics data collections stored in national or regional archives and make them available for search through the main EGA portal.

The EGA systems development is coordinated by the ELIXIR Spain but with large contributions from the Nordic countries, partly funded through the Nordic Tryggve project. This Staff Exchange project allowed experienced software engineers from the Swedish and Finnish ELIXIR Nodes to work in Barcelona, Spain, to intensify the systems development work by working side-by-side with the Spanish systems developers team.

The project shortened the development time for those aspects of the federated EGA where there are strong interdependencies between Central EGA and Local EGA instances. This is instrumental for establishing a unified EGA ecosystem that can offer a seamless user experience for data submitters and requestors.


  • Code to support key processes that go across the Central/Local EGA boundary
  • Automatic submitter account creation - when Central EGA creates an account it is automatically available to all local EGA instances
  • Portable solution working across different instances with different infrastructures
  • Documentation for customisation and deployment


6 September 2017 to 30 April 2018

Nodes involved: