Integrating ELIXIR Italy into ELIXIR activities

The implementation study project plan of ELIXIR Italy consists of six activities that aim to boost the cooperation with existing ELIXIR activities and are expected to deepen the interaction between ELIXIR-IIB, the Joint Research Unit embodying the Italian Node, and ELIXIR. The partners involved have already established contacts with other ELIXIR Nodes and the relevant ELIXIR Platforms and Services in order to ensure an advantageous outcome for all the involved parties. The goal of the proposed activities is to create and/or reinforce collaborations based on concrete measures. With this implementation study the Italian ELIXIR Node will achieve greater integration within ELIXIR service infrastructures and data interoperability policies. The topics of the selected activities and an additional coordination task are summarized below:

  1. Integration in ELIXIR Bioschemas activities.
  2. Integration in ELIXIR Data Curation activities.
  3. Integration in ELIXIR Galaxy activities through a project on practical feasibility of creating and running large-scale Galaxy-based variant calling pipelines on microservice infrastructures.
  4. Integration in ELIXIR Human Data activities through Beacons.
  5. Integration in ELIXIR Marine Metagenomics activities through a web-service supporting ITS1-based survey of marine communities.
  6. Integration in ELIXIR Rare Diseases activities.
  7. Coordination of the Italian ELIXIR Node Implementation study project.


1 October 2017 to 31 March 2019

Nodes involved: