Identity and Access Management

This study aims to develop, refine and deploy ELIXIR-wide Identity and access management through the ELIXIR AAI Service that will underpin the LifeScience AAI (to be deployed across European research infrastructures and beyond). It will do this by:

  • Defining and continuously upgrading the access and user management system for the life science community (the LS AAI)
  • Implementing AAI services compatible with the EOSC and interoperable with standards supported by the e-infrastructures
  • Providing access control to sensitive resources (data, compute, tools)
  • Operating the LifeScience AAI
  • Coordinating training for users, service and resource providers

It will design KPIs and monitor impact across the tasks to measure success, to include: service usage, number of deployments, community engagement metrics, citations, use of cloud and compute specific metrics including HelpDesk and responsiveness, updates to services.

There are three Work Packages (WPs) within the study:

WP1.1: Define, operate and continuously upgrade the access and user management system to meet the requirements as described

Lead: Michal Prochazka (ELIXIR CZ)

This WP will determine the appropriate point when the move (upgrade) from the current ELIXIR AAI can be decided, and moved into the wider Life Science AAI, such that the required components can be operated by the e-infrastructures. When the decision to upgrade is made, the transition will be carried out based on the outcome of the current LS AAI pilot run within the AARC2 project. The selection of involved e-infrastructures is planned as a part of the EOSC Life project.

WP1.2: Access to sensitive data

Lead: Mikael Linden (ELIXIR FI)

This WP will add and strengthen features and components that are needed to provide strong authentication and trusted authorization and access control needed to control access to sensitive data. It will implement the resultant services for a range of Human Data requirements and use cases.

WP1.3: Training in AAI

Lead: Dominik František Bučík (ELIXIR CZ)

A set of training events dedicated to different target groups (primary researchers, developers and resource owners/providers/implementers) will be organized through the timeframe of the work program.