Beacon (2019-21)

This study follows on from a number of earlier activities that has established the ELIXIR Beacon Project. 

During 2019-21 the main aims are to:

  • Extend the Beacon protocol to become the reference ELIXIR Data Discovery product, through expanding query options and providing richer responses, with view on biomedical applications, and in alignment with developing GA4GH standards
  • Deliver ELIXIR Beacon Network as an established ELIXIR service
  • Leverage ELIXIR Nodes to increase data flow through Beacon services
  • Actively support the integration of the Beacon API with human data resources throughout ELIXIR, with particular view on National Genomics Initiatives, biobanks, and Human Data Communities (such as Rare Diseases and Human CNV)

To achieve these goals it is imperative to continue a strategic partnership with the GA4GH Work Streams as a Driver Project and to increase coordination with the ELIXIR platforms. The focus is to prioritise and deliver future European requirements on Beacon and Beacon Network API development, continue to develop the overall security framework for this service type, and contribute to the GA4GH Discovery Work Stream goals towards a global genomic query language.​


  • Q1 2019-21: Annual F2F meeting (7 March 2019, Sweden) 
  • Q2 2019-21: Annual training workshop @ ELIXIR All Hands (June 2019, Lisbon) 
  • Q4 2019-21: Annual workshop @ GA4GH Plenary (October 2019, TBC) 


1 January 2019 to 31 December 2021

Nodes involved: