Systems Biology

In May 2022 this group became the Systems Biology Community.

In light of ongoing challenges faced by ISBE and the involvement of members of both ISBE and the Microbial Biotechnology Community within ELIXIR in systems biology-related activities, the Focus Group will consider and report upon the ways in which ELIXIR should a) support systems biology and b) interact with relevant other groupings in Europe and worldwide that coordinate systems biology. 


The Focus Group will produce recommendations for future engagement of ELIXIR in systems biology based on the following five topic areas:

  1. What does infrastructure for systems biology consist of?
  2. What is the scope of ELIXIR’s interests in this area?
  3. Where is ELIXIR currently active in systems biology?
  4. What are the other relevant activities in Europe?
  5. How might ELIXIR best support systems biology?

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