Federated EGA Webinar

Thu 27 October 2022, 12:00

Are you currently working to establish a Federated EGA Node? Do you have technical or operational questions about setting up and operating a Federated EGA Node? Want to learn from the experts? Join us for a Q&A webinar with experts from Central EGA and the inaugural Federated EGA Nodes!

In this webinar, panellists will share their technical and operational experiences of establishing their Federated EGA Nodes by answering your pre-submitted questions on topics including: software stacks, infrastructure, resourcing, personnel requirements, Helpdesk, and SOPs. We encourage you to submit your questions in advance - using the registration form - to ensure they get answered!

Please note we will not be providing an introduction to Federated EGA during this webinar. Attendees should have basic knowledge of Federated EGA and interest in learning more details about establishing and operating a Federated EGA Node. We encourage everyone to explore general information about Federated EGA found here. A separate Q&A webinar is being planned to focus on governance, legal, and strategy topics to setting up a Federated EGA Node.



  • Silvia Bahena (Central EGA)
  • Markus Englund (FEGA Sweden)
  • Fred Haziza (Central EGA)
  • Aina Jene (Central EGA)
  • Blazej Marciniak (FEGA Poland)
  • Oscar Martinez (Central EGA)
  • Kjell Petersen (FEGA Norway)
  • Sabela de la Torre (Central EGA)
  • Kersten Breuer (FEGA Germany)
  • Alberto Hornos (FEGA Spain)
  • Jaakko Leinonen (FEGA Finland)