CONVERGE Workshop Series | Repeat webinar for Getting started with impact evaluation

Thu 10 March 2022, 09:00

Who is it for

This is a repeat webinar for the fully subscribed Getting started with impact evaluation training event. This time, there is no limit to the number of attendees, and anyone interested in impact (of research infrastructures) is welcome to join. You do not need to be part of ELIXIR. 

The event will be shorter (2.5h) and less hands-on (no group work using MURAL) than the original event, yet still providing the core contents. Learning will again be facilitated by impact evaluators from our partner EFIS - see their article on this very topic! 


  • Gain new knowledge and skills related to impact evaluation, through formal teaching
  • Complement this with knowledge-exchange based on four ELIXIR-relevant case studies developed during the first event (Skills & capacity-building; Service provision; Cloud investment; Cooperation)

Outputs and related events

All outputs from this event (including the video recording) are available through the ELIXIR Intranet (requires login), but the following direct links are provided without restriction:

  • slides presented by EFIS
  • slides on the four case studies 

Participants to the events will have received a link to the video recording.

This event is part of the CONVERGE WP4 Workshop Series: Innovation, impact & communication - previous events were about: 

The event is also organised under the aegis of the ELIXIR-funded Strategic Implementation Study on Impact.


Time CET Item
09:00 Welcome, housekeeping, introduction to the event
09:10 Presentation of impact pathways method, followed by a plenary discussion
09:50 Break
10:00 Presentation on indicators, monitoring and measurement, followed by a plenary discussion
10:30 Sharing insights from case studies developed by breakout groups during the November 15th edition (details below)
11:10 Briefing on stages in impact assessment process
11:30 Event ends

List of case study outputs to be presented

 Topic title  

Topic description Main ELIXIR Impact area
Skills & capacity-building Setting-up and running a MOOC as part of a EU-funded project Human capital, skills development, e.g. better skills for users and resource providers
Service provision Developing and operating a bioinformatics service (e.g. database, software, etc) Research efficiency, e.g. faster, easier, more integrated
Cloud investment Investing in storage/compute for infrastructures operators to accelerate the creation of data assets (e.g. reference genomes) for others to use in their research Research efficiency, e.g. faster, easier, more integrated
Cooperation Establishing and running an industry engagement programme Relationship capital, e.g. benefits of working together, facilitated knowledge-sharing & cooperation



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